Komissar 13, the ultimate horn-heavy score for any wannabe jet-setting G Men with too many jazz cigarettes on hand. ” - Jack Anderson

KUTX "Song of the Day"

...a beautifully funky fusion of original, distinctive elements...It’s as if Mulatu Astatke provided the infectious riffs while Gaslamp Killer produced a Turkish-inspired beat, resulting in a production that is sprinkled with Latin tones and filled with psychedelic allure and an air of mystique.” - AlexK



Tina Piranha is an upbeat and high-energy cinematic soul band from Austin, Texas.  Drawing as it does upon a unique assortment of influences, including Turkish psych rock, Ethiopian Jazz, and 60s Mediterranean soundtracks, the band defies easy categorization.  Take a trip through Tina Piranha's catalogue and you'll understand why the eight-piece sonic juggernaut has been compared to Budos Band, Les Baxter, Janko Nilovic, Ennio Morricone, and others.   

Tina Piranha released five singles and an EP throughout 2022, all of which were recorded and mixed at Lechehouse Music by Grammy Award-winning guitarist and songwriter, Beto Martinez (Brownout, Grupo Fantasma, Money Chicha, Los Sundowns, and Carmelo Haze).  “Emperor's Head, Corner Pocket” is Tina Piranha’s fifth single release since the beginning of 2023, preceded by "My Last Duke," "Duty's Austere and Lonely Offices," "Force Majeur," and "A Budding Interest in Treason," all of which were recorded and mixed at The Ice Cream Factory by Matt Parmenter (Quiet Company).  "A Budding Interest in Treason" was featured on the KUTX "Song of the Day" segment upon its release in May, 2023.  Be on the lookout for the band’s single, “Exit Wound,” scheduled for release this July.